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    You know 5v3c certified power charger sign it

    Visits:    Date:2014/12/12 20:32:16

    Can not live without cell phones, what phone can not do without, you know? Of course, is power, no electricity equal to a charger waste, no noise, no signal. Since there is no electric charge would chant, each phone has a dedicated his power charger. But now due to the mobility of the work is relatively large, too many staff going out once a week or even a few days difference, the charger has become more up, almost always with a mains charger everywhere. But you know your cell phone charger is certified by 5v3c power charger it?


    What is the 3C certification? This is a mandatory national safety certification system, which is widely adopted to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers in the world, maintaining consumer personal and property safety of the basic approach. See if there is a ccc logo on your phone power charger, if not on your electrical impulse, it means your charger, there are still a security risk, it is not checked off.

    According to the provisions of mandatory certification of products, domestic 3c certification without a charger is not sold, it has many security risks, then how can we get really 5v3c certified charger it?

    First, we have to pick the brand, because the big brand itself has higher quality standards, while there are relatively perfect after-sale protection advantages, the big brands do not covet petty and smashing their signs.

    Look at the appearance, poor chargers are plastic recycling, relatively low hardness, very easily deformed, especially white, he slowly darken appear yellow.

    Touch temperature, the internal circuit is very simple and low-quality products, the specifications of the materials used is relatively low, so the heat of this product are often high, there will be a hot feeling.