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    5V3C certified charger can be used

    Visits:    Date:2014/12/12 20:33:06

    The rapid development of science and technology to improve the quality of our lives, electronic products is now an indispensable part of life, it is to improve our lives to a peak. Whether communications, data, entertainment and so on in life aspects are inseparable from electronic products. People in order to facilitate the use of electronic products, the charger interface design is the same model that allows us to be more convenient when charging.

    Convenient charger became a popular, because he is quite convenient, you can buy a line, in a pocket or bag are particularly do not take place. Because of this increase in demand for data cable charger, some cottage of fake and shoddy products surfaced. These things unqualified name 5V3C certified charger in the market under the banner of a trickster. Because of these fake things, caused numerous fire bombings.

    Because these counterfeit products are not passed quality testing in the material and specifications do not meet the criteria used. 5V3C certified charger data cable which has two lines, one is to import the other one is the output. There is a line between the two insulated wires, is to avoid the danger caused by the exchange of the two lines of a short circuit, once the short circuit caused a fire that is an important reason. But moving fake charger, he also has import and export functions, but this insulated wire between it simply failed, does not meet the specifications of the standard use, it is easy to cause a short circuit.

    5V3C certified charger connector is the regulator's role, once the voltage is too high or too low will instantly stop the exchange, can play a protective role. If the interface is simply unqualified no protection once the voltage is too high can damage or even explode.