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    What is not the same regulatory power plant charger and cottage

    Visits:    Date:2014/12/12 20:33:39

    With the continuous development of technology, mobile computers, almost everyone has, not only that, there is a series of electronic products are a lot of life to see. People walking on the road almost all bow to play phone, play micro letter. Increase the amount of cell phone, of course, become the people charger essential an item.

    Just a few days ago, a certain man in Beijing to give his ipad charging electric shock when suddenly fell to the ground in a coma for three days and nights. This is exactly how it is, people will be able to give the corona charging it?

    Reporters came to the man home with questions, answers from the man learned that the man was on the phone on the way because no electricity, in roadside stalls just bought a charger, original lead man in a coma three days and three nights of the killer turned out to be a cottage charger. Cottage charger exactly how the matter? Is the power plant safety and charger gap so big?

    Later, the reporter took a cottage home charger came a physics teacher, physics teacher who took the charger apart, and he would be there for a study, told reporters: "This cottage charger has several security hidden, a data line is poor quality, because the data lines are two lines, one is introduced into an output intermediate the data line is separated by an insulator, because the thin insulating portion is prone to short circuits. Another is plug problem, a voltage step-down provision of poor quality can not be easily heat fire. "

    Things exist cottage big problem, not something out of the regular factory, so we as consumers, must not because cheaper, and then use the cottage things, or is likely to be "Corona."