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    Why to choose products with the FCC adapter detection

    Visits:    Date:2014/12/10 15:02:09

    The move with the times, science and technology in constant development, it is now the standard of living has been a tremendous change. But in much of the benefit of mankind and electronic products, but also for humanity has long been an "invisible killer" - electromagnetic radiation. In order to reduce the harm of electromagnetic radiation on humans, so be sure to choose the product with the FCC adapter detection.


    What is the FCC? In fact, this is an American institution, it is mainly responsible for the investigation and study of product safety to find the best way to solve, FCC also include the aerospace industry testing. In fact, the FCC simple terms is a certification body, like the Chinese pork meat on top of the time stamp need a reason.

    In fact, in China, any product-related waves, are to pass FCC certification, and if someone does not use and distribution of the product through the FCC certification of waves, it is against the law, but also electromagnetic radiation on the human body can cause serious injury:

    1, the electromagnetic radiation can cause cardiovascular disease people, we often worry about incurable cancer is one of the causes of electromagnetic radiation, in addition can also cause diabetes.

    2, electromagnetic radiation harmful to human genitals with severely affected, often on television advertising is the next generation of students deformity, although some exaggeration, but this is one of the reasons of electromagnetic radiation injury.

    3, I believe that people will often play computer experience, working in front of a computer one day, you will feel very tired, this is a breach of electromagnetic radiation on the nervous system and the immune system. Do work at the computer will not take too long, electromagnetic radiation also directly lead to vision loss, will result in severe retinal detachment.

    So do exist FCC oversight for human health, why should I use with the FCC adapter detection products, I believe I do not say that you also understand the hazards of electromagnetic radiation.